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Boterlaerhof - Deurne - Belgium



As a youth hostel, the castle of Boterlaerhof accommodates children’s and youth camps. 

Johan Van Nuffel, CEO of Activak and Kidskriebels, receives around 10.000 kids each year with his organisations. 900 of these kids stay in the castle during the summer holidays. During the rest of the year, there will be events, parties and school activities.

From reception desk to beds, the interior design in our youth hostel is all managed by Vinterno.

Vinterno supplied beds, closets, chairs, tables and stools. All the furniture is custom-made.


  • The beds are adapted to the mattress we wanted to use.

  • Because children may jump on the beds, Vinterno made extra solid bedframes.

  • The dimensions of the beds are adapted to the rooms where we wanted to place them.

  • Shelves in the kitchen are reinforced for all the tableware.

  • Vinterno made three-layered bunk beds so we can receive more guests.



The biggest advantage of Vinterno is the delivery of matching furniture. We didn’t have to work with different suppliers and that made it a lot easier. The Vinterno team knows what to match, they gave us general product and colour advice. On top of that, they are cheaper than the competition.


The excellent teamwork with Vinterno, led to a superb result. It is often rewarded by the compliments paid by our many visitors.


Johan Van Nuffel

Do you want to become a happy customer too? 

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